Atiku Abubakar

By Charles Novia

Do not be troubled by the results you will see announced live by INEC from the South West.

Atiku was expected to get 35% only in the South West combined. He has upped that percentage by getting over 40% in total. Probably 45% at the end of the day.

He won Ondo. I’m told he likely has won Oyo and Buhari won him only by 10,000 votes in Osun state, so it’s as good as saying Atiku won Osun too. He has as much as 50% in Lagos. If he gets 40% in Lagos, which he already has, that’s good enough.

So, Atiku has won the South West as needed. By at least 3 states out of the six states but more importantly, he has his REQUIRED percentage of votes in the South West.

Thank you, our Yoruba brothers and sisters who made it happen and also thanks to all in the South West who collectively voted and made it happen.

Keep the faith.

Remain #Atikulated

Charles Novia