‘North holds the key to Igbo presidency in 2023’

After an Emergency Consultative Caucus meeting in Enugu, a follow up call by Concerned Pan-Igbo organisations for the Igbo to get ready to defend themselves of the threat of impending attack by some jihadist organizations was issued.

The apex Igbo organization, Ohanaeze Ndigbo had earlier last week issued such a call to Ndigbo.

Convened by Professor Uzodimma Nwala led Alaigbo Development Forum (ADF), the groups after exhaustive discussions came out with the following decisions:

“That there is obvious agenda of a bloody Islamization and jihad to conquer, occupy, take over and enslave Alaigbo and elsewhere in the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

That Ndigbo should do everything in their power to defend themselves, their wives, children and their ancestral land.

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To set up a joint Committee of pan-Igbo organizations and to prepare Memorandum to alert Ndigbo in Nigeria and in the Diaspora on the peace, development and security of Alaigbo.

Calls on all Stakeholders in Alaigbo including the Governments and Traditional Institutions in Alaigbo to pursue a common agenda in the interest of the survival of Ndigbo.

Call on Umuigbo world-wide to liaise with the patriotic pan-Igbo organizations to ensure that all needed resources in Alaigbo support all the patriotic forces engaged in the struggle for Igbo emancipation and security.

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