Biafra’s agitation, and certainty of actualisation by IPOB

By MarkAnthony Nze

The pursuit of self determination by the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) for the sovereign state of Biafra has now become a phenomenon that is witnessing an international recognition, and one that continues to instill fear in the present government of Nigeria.

The resilience of IPOB to continually, ascertain that Ndi Igbo, and Biafrans generally, are liberated from the shackles of injustice they are bedeviled with in the already failed British contraption called Nigeria is a formidable feat, that has been quite unfathomable to the Nigerian government, especially, due to the fact that, the organisation appeared to grow from little or no support.

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From just a negligible Internet radio in his London-based residence, the leader of IPOB, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu blazed the trail more strongly, in 2015, when he began to condemn the nepotistic government of late President Muhammadu Buhari, (From verified assertion, Buhari died in 2017, anybody who thinks this is not true, should ask themselves why the Nigerian government is refusing to allow the purported Buhari to undergo a DNA test to prove otherwise if  the government is not in deed, concealing the truth about Buhari’s death from the citizenry) he busted the falsehood of his administration, and further exposed the rot in that government.

Kanu’s expository series on Nigeria aired live on Radio Biafra, London infuriated the hell out of the anti-Igbo government of Buhari, and within the shortest possible period of time, majority of Ndi-Igbo, and Biafrans altogether began to see the truth Kanu was preaching about the injustice meted on Biafrans, the situation even got worse when Buhari labelled Biafrans, as those of 5%(because he got only 5% votes from them), and as result, fairness was not given to Ndi-Igbo in federal appointments, and presence in the South-Eastern states of the country. They were further neglected, subjugated, and thoroughly, ignored by the government of the day.

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