Xenophobia: The jealousy of South Africans will slay them

By MarkAnthony Nze

South Africa is supposedly, among the most seemingly developed countries in Africa currently, however it is a a huge shame that the country is enmeshed heavily in xenophobia, a shameless act, so despicable for her to be involved in. It is even more disheartening that the country is launching the heinous attacks on African immigrants.

It is quite disappointing that a country like South Africa that other African countries with Nigeria in the fore-front, supported to fight apartheid is now turning around to fight Nigerians, and other African nationals just because they are doing better than the original South Africans.

Outrage as attacks on Nigerians in South Africa persist
South Africans looting a Nigerian-owned shop

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The foreign nationals are doing better than South Africans due to the simple fact that they worked hard, and nothing more. Why should the foreign nationals be severely dealt with for the laziness, and irresponsibility of South Africans? Nigerians are majorly, the ones receiving this callousness of the highest magnitude, they are being persecuted for their diligence, and dexterity in business which have been bringing forth enormous revenues to South Africa, instead of them to be appreciated for their business ingenuity, South Africans unleash absolutely odious attacks on these Nigerians.

A South African youth brags on how they are dealing with Nigerians

Nigerian owned-shops are being looted daily with the support of the South African police in various cities in South Africa, and as if that were not enough, they maimed and killed many Nigerians in the most gruesome way. Several automobile shops owned by Nigerians were set ablaze in Johannesburg, and some of the owners barely managed to escape while others who were unlucky were burnt to death with the South African police standing there and watching human lives go up in flames.

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