Gov Bello's Uncontrollable Lust For Ladies With Big Buttocks

Nigerian politicians are well known for their controversial love for bad publicity and unethical media stunts with some of their utterances and their actions. Sometimes, these actions are so bizarre that it leaves people wondering if some of these politicians and leaders are worth the positions and power that they wield. 

The youngest Governor in this present Government, Governor Yahaya Bello of Kogi State and popular Nollywood actress, Destiny Etiko were struck with another controversy earlier this year when the Governor hosted the ‘very busty’ actress in his private lodgement at the Kogi State’s Government house. What was intended to be just a courtesy visit on the actress’ part who represented the Actors Guild of Nigeria turned out to be a hang out where Governor Yahaya Bello openly showed his penchant for philandering with women who have been blessed with massive buttocks.

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Destiny Etiko is a nollywood darling. She has starred in over a hundred Nollywood and ghollywood movies and in terms of her celebrity status, she has cut her teeth in the Nollywood film industry. She is a wonderful actress no doubt, but in addition to that, she commands a body which can be best termed as a ‘body built to seduce’. She knows this and she has never been afraid of flaunting it at every given opportunity to make sure that her fans and admirers are never starved of fantasising over her magnificent body. Many of her fans and critics alike have argued that her large behind has been the only source of her fame and grandstanding in the Nollywood industry and this may not be far from the truth since the present quota in Nollywood revolves around stunningly beautiful divas who are not afraid to ‘do what is needed’ to get roles and adequate screentime in films.

Her body which has been a major source of her fame has also landed her in major controversies many-a-time. She has been called out by women who have accused her of being a side-chick to their husbands while benefitting heavily from them. She lives a very extravagant life on social media where she showcases all her expensive business trips and vacations, her designer shoes, bags and clothes and how she hangs out with the creme d la creme of the society. Seeing her with Governor Yahaya Bello surely raised some eyebrows but not a lot of people were surprised knowing the kind of individual Governor Yahaya Bello was whenever he was around women especially women like Destiny Etiko.

Governor Yahaya Bello is like a majority of Nigerian politicians who use their power and position to selfishly siphon and embezzle huge amounts of money. When these monies are embezzled, they are usually put into fraudulent acquisition of properties, assets and then some of them pump huge amounts of funds into their favorite pasttime which might include womanising, purchase of very expensive, unncessary toys or playthings and vacationing from one major city to the other.

Destiny Etiko knows why she deliberately wore those very seductive dresses to see Governor Yahaya Bello. The Governor on his part is someone who understands women like this and plays them as he plays politics in his State. It is only worrisome that the Governor of Kogi State has opened up the impression that he is a philandering womaniser despite being a married man with kids. He does not care about the kind of impression he is putting up for his children, his family and his State at large. If he can openly show how uncontrollable his insatiable lust for big hipped women is on national media, then who knows the kind of damning fetishes he carries out whenever he is indoors.

And instead of Governor Bello to concentrate on the business of governance, the philanderer is busy frolicking with women with massive buttocks; his irresistible passion for ladies with wide hips and massive ‘bakassi’ has never for once allowed Bello to focus on making meaningful contributions in Kogi State ever since he became a Governor, he is often distracted by the ‘bottom power’, and it’s very sad that this is a man who is considering taking a shot at the Presidency. For a second, imagine the further rot that Nigeria would be plunged into if a man with an uncontrollable lust for women with big buttocks like Yahya Bello mistakenly, becomes the President of Nigeria considering the fact that Nigeria is extremely blessed with ladies of massive ‘bakassi, and they would be now be a million times more at his reach.’