Apsley Business School The Best Way To School Abroad

The poor state of education in Nigeria has remained a major bottle-neck to the aspirations of Nigerians who want a better life for themselves. Many of these handicapped Nigerians who are mostly young people have continued to wallow in utter confusion as to what they can do to get things right. Alas, the solution is here, Apsley Business School is the answer.

According to ICEF Monitor, which focuses on international student mobility, last year alone, no fewer than 100,000 Nigerians travelled abroad to study. Many of these people most of the time hope to become permanent residents of their host country and take one step at a time to achieve their goal. But then again, despite these huge numbers, many are still left in the wilderness of lack of information as to how they can make their dreams of leaving the country for better education a reality.

That said, it’s highly likely that the reader is possibly reading about Apsley Business School for the first time in their entire life! Well, for starters, Apsley Business School is a business school, which is registered in London, and boasts of two central London Campuses. It offers management qualifications at the undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral level of various partner universities which are based across Europe including in the Netherlands, Austria, Slovakia, Japan, and Poland. With 2 campuses in London, 3 campuses across Central Europe, added to its plans of opening new campuses in Abuja, Nigeria and Accra, Ghana, and Brazil, Apsley is set to shake things up globally. Interesting right?

Apsley Business School delivers a wide range of accredited undergraduate and postgraduate degree programmes, lifelong learning courses, and packages in Management, Law, Education, Psychology, and Engineering aimed at grooming professionals in the workplace to meet up to global demands. Her team of experienced and qualified lecturers who boast of over 18 years of consultancy and training experience are always equal to the task when it comes to planning and delivering bespoke accredited training in the workplace, online or at any of her satellite campuses.

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Well, it’s possible that the curious reader is already worried that the school is not so popular looking at the offers, well, the most important thing to note here is that firstly, talking about recognition, Apsley awards are accredited in the UK and abroad, so there are no barriers to recognition. The institution is part of the United Nations Global Compact, PRME, Erasmus, and Horizon 2020. This is surely mind-blowing! To add to that the school is accredited at ISO 9001:2005, ISO 21001: 2018 standards. That’s not even all, the institution is part of the International Academic Conference Consortium with a wide range of global academic partnerships in the EU and the Middle East. Simply put, should you jump-start this life-changing opportunity, you would bag qualifications that will be recognised globally.

Their degree programmes are recognised on the EQF (the European Qualification Framework) and are accepted globally. Not just that, the school also boasts of a wide range of accredited training packages that are accepted as Accredited Prior Learning by a range of British and European institutions that of course can count towards giving students a sure undergraduate, postgraduate, and Top-Up MBA pathways.

Apsley Business School stands out because her blended mode of delivery means that students would always receive high-quality instruction from respected academics and practitioners in their chosen field. Excellence is the watchword and that is what the institution represents.

In sharp contrast to what is obtainable to most schools around Nigeria, the syllables and units taught in Apsley Business School are designed around developing practical real-life solutions through testing theoretical approaches against experience and case studies. As a student of this institution, you will know the latest management theory and from there, you can begin to develop your practical skills to set yourself on the journey to self-actualisation. This is not a mere illustration, all the lecturers in this institution are also practitioners who demonstrate how to implement theory in practice. So it’s actually a ‘come and see’ for yourself situation.

Perhaps one of the biggest reasons why you shouldn’t allow this opportunity to elude you is the ease of study that Apsley Business School offers. In this institution, students can progress at their own speed and control their Continuing Professional Development outcomes. As a student here, you can control your work-study-life balance, and make sure you shine in everything you manage. Beat that if you can?

So why are you not going to take this one-in-a-lifetime opportunity? Finances? Logistics? What exactly? firstly talking about finances, Apsley Business School is really very affordable. Her fees are just about 20% or less of what her peers charge. This is no joke. Do the maths. Affordability is the least of the problems students complain of considering the value the school offers her students. To even crown it all, the school gives her students the rare opportunity of paying by installments! Yes, only an institution that is deliberate about developing human capacity can offer that window.

Talking about logistics here, is obviously a waste of time and material space. Once admitted, the institution helps to assist her students with the relevant documents necessary in obtaining a Visa from any part of the world without hassles. It is as automatic as it appears. Think about it for a second, when did foreign education become that easy? This is surely a life-changing opportunity.

Why not take advantage of this? Knowledge they say is power. Simply take that bold step today. Don’t procrastinate, this offer is fresh, it’s scintillating, it’s one you shouldn’t resist if getting proper education has always been your dream. Contact Apsley Business School today! The details are enumerated below.

Main Contacts
Landline : +44 (0) 20 3286 6718
E-mail: info@apsley.eu

Admission Team Contacts
WhatsApp/Line/Viber for the Admissions Team

Or better still visit their Website to get all the information you need via http://www.apsley.eu/