Apsley Business School: An Opportunity You Shouldn't Miss
Apsley Business School

Perhaps one of the most outstanding qualities that has further placed Apsley Business School on a level of high academic excellence is the availability of a variety of courses. Apsley Business School delivers a wide range of accredited undergraduate and postgraduate degree programmes as well as lifelong learning courses and packages and it stands out in all ramifications.

With fifty-two MBA’s, MSc and PhD programmes in business on offer, the prowess of the Apsley Business School cannot be underrated. Regardless of what the desire of a prospective postgraduate or undergraduate student is, no matter the area of interest, it is certain to be met by this high flying citadel of learning. The list is endless; a doctor of philosophy, PhD; A doctor of business administration, DBA; Doctor of jurisprudence, JUD; Legum Magister, LLM; as well as a wide range of Master’s Degrees in finance and accounting, HR, management, corporate
finance, real estate management, public health and so on are available degrees which are surely up for grabs.

Fielding six faculties which include; the faculty of Education, Engineering, Law, Management, ICT and Medicine, the Apsley Business School has proven that it is more than just a business school but an enthusiast in providing qualitative and affordable education across six continents. For starters, Apsley Business School is a business school, which is registered in London, and boasts of two central London campuses. It offers management qualifications at the undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral level of various partner universities which are based across Europe including in the Netherlands, Austria, Slovakia, Japan, and Poland. With 2 campuses in London, 3 campuses across Central Europe, added to its plans of opening new campuses in Abuja, Nigeria, Accra, Ghana, and Brazil, Apsley is set to shake things up globally. Isn’t that amazing?

As said earlier, aside from offering business courses, there is more on the table for Apsley Business School. In this age of high technological advancements and the involvement of technology in nearly every phase of life, technology affiliated courses have become a necessity.

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The Apsley Business School has therefore taken it upon herself by bridging the gap by ensuring that an array of these courses are made available for her students to choose from. Some of which include but are not limited to Information Security, Information and communication technology, artificial intelligence.

The area of education is not left out. Of course the Apsley Business School recognises the importance of a degree in education considering that it is one of the most important sectors of any economy and educators will always be in need to ensure that the education sector is not left underserviced. That said, prospective students who intend to switch careers from any other field to the field of education can now do so legitimately by obtaining a post-graduate certificate in education.

That is not all, with the rise in demand of estate managers across the world, it has also become a well sought after field that is not left out of the ingenuity of the Apsley Business School. An interest in this field will also certainly be well taken care of.

In the event that a professional is interested in more than just degrees, there are programmes relating to general business competencies aimed at professionals in the workplace. These programmes are aimed at enhancing the professionalism and excellence of professionals in the professional environment, development of industry-related skills and a general improvement of already present professional skills as well as an overall personal development.

There are lifelong learning courses which are also available at the Apsley Business School. They are also aimed at constant and daily development of students, not just professionals or industry-related but also concerning general life studies and personal development.

Having said all these, an undergraduate might wonder where they stand in the scheme of things. They are certainly not left out as there is also a pool of accredited choices for them to choose from. A glimpse into the school’s website will prove this.

Apsley awards are accredited in the UK and abroad, so there are no barriers to recognition. The institution is part of the United Nations Global Compact, PRME, Erasmus, and Horizon 2020. This is surely mind-blowing! To add to that the school is accredited at ISO 9001:2005, ISO 21001: 2018 standards. That’s not even all, the institution is part of the International Academic Conference Consortium with a wide range of global academic partnerships in the EU and the Middle East. Simply put, should you jump-start this life-changing opportunity, you would bag qualifications that will be recognised globally.

It is also worthy of note that there is an availability of a network of admission officers on six continents who can enlighten an interesting perspective on the best steps to take. This goes to mean that, no matter where you are, there is someone you can reach.

So why are you not going to take this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity? Finances? Logistics? What exactly? For instance, talking about finances, Apsley Business School is really very affordable. Her fees are just about 20% or less of what her peers charge. This is no joke. Do the maths.

Affordability is the least of the problems students complain of considering the value the school offers her students. To even crown it all, the school gives her students the rare opportunity of paying by installments! Yes, only an institution that is deliberate about developing human capacity can offer that window.

Talking about logistics here is obviously a waste of time and material space. Once admitted, the institution helps to assist her students with the relevant documents necessary in obtaining a Visa from any part of the world without hassles. It is as automatic as it appears. Think about it for a second, when did foreign education become that easy? This is surely a life-changing opportunity.

It certainly cannot get better than it is at the Apsley business school because there is something for everyone. People would ordinarily pay for valuable information like this, but here we are giving it to you for free! This is an opportunity you shouldn’t miss.

Reach out to them today;

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