Is Your Africanness Sincere?

The events on the social media space in Nigeria in the last few days have made me re-examine the sincerity of being African in Africa and especially in Nigeria. 

I have deeply reflected on society’s teaching two contradictory doctrines, thus:

Marry, even when you have no money, and build together.

It is acceptable to bring in a second or third wife and give them numbers as long as the man now has the financial means to take care of them or satisfy them equally.

The first contradicts the second to its extreme, I think.

I also think that for those who are so quick to Africanize issues that appease them, they should please take note that there are African ways, rituals, and ceremonies for certain actions. Perform these African ways only. If you are so African, do the African traditional wedding only. Do not go to court or church to swear for yourself. There is no honour in going back on your words. A white wedding and taking those vows are not by force as a Pan-Africanist.

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As for young girls engaging in bestiality just to make money, I feel pity for you and sad at the same time because most of you were raised better than that. Just imagine being impregnated by a dog. Alu! I will never blame your parenting because I have seen children with terrible parents turn out well as a result of not failing like their parents. You are responsible for your choices.

To our young people who think building has to be monetary, let me tell you that that man burning candles at night to keep you company while you study when he ought to be sleeping is building you and building with you. That man, taking the role of a wife while you travel for masters, work, et al, is building you and building with you. That woman helping you to memorize your lines for movies and presentations when she ought to be watching Zeeworld or Telemundo is building you and building with you. That woman who gives you sex when you’re stressed and frustrated just to relieve your stress and allow you to perform to the fullest is building you and building with you.

The last couple of days made me realise why we are so deformed and battered. I asked about the reward for loyalty and all I could get as an answer was, “Did she buy a house, a car, et al.” Yo, is this all there is to the world now? Where is the place of kindness, empathy, and love?

When we promote materialism over humanity, where is the place of the poor man and woman in these equations?

Our young men are doing money rituals, our young girls are sleeping with dogs, my people. A ritualist will marry a bestial and both will give birth to monsters that will doom the earth.

It is time we rethink this idea of how much do you have in your account, to what do you do and what is your sense of humanity. Life doesn’t end with living in the finest house or driving the best car soaked in human blood.

Little steps are still movements. Life happens to people at different times. The clock in the eyes of everyone is the same, but the time in the lives of many differs. Walk in your lane at your pace and you will still get to your destination.

By Osime Enakele

Africa Today News, New York

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