Where Are The Women In Government?

Where are the awoken Women President and Government ‘functionaries’?

Why are their voices numbed out and incoherent at this time when they should be more vocal and demand equitable representation in all sphere of political engagement in this country!

The Men have been from time immemorial at the forefront of leadership and administration in Nigeria for donkey years with nothing much to show for it.

Look at your historical books and please counter intelligently. Men have been clumsy with their bottle neck grip on power and control. I’m putting this across and beyond gender lines. I have always imagined what a woman President precipitates for this country. I know it sounds like chasing the wind but is it not timely to have this discussion especially at this time we have collectively decided as a nation to bring in new faces in Government for another dispensation of growth!

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An elixir we have chased for years without respite yet little to show for that rat race!

Our mothers have got a wonderful gift in nurturing and caring and this is why no one does this better than them. Since 1957, when the motion of self governance came into our mind by Sir, Anthony Enahoro. We hatched a suicide mission when we left our mothers in the icy cold of forgetfulness. We took them out of decision-making in this country and we inadvertently plotted against our communal success and progress. Take a look at countries that have embraced women totally in government and you’ll understand what I mean in the context above.

The progress has been slow, languid and laborious because men with vented interest sat at places of influence and control. Men aren’t “natural caregivers” and maybe that’s part of the problem with our political life in this country. At what point do we involve women not as subordinates or help hands playing at the peripheral zones but as a people worthy of taking actions at the nucleus of things?

At what point, do we allow women become Presidents, Vice Presidents and Ministers of interior affairs in this country?

If we don’t try this in our lifetime by accruing more importance to the feminine gender especially in politics; how would we know what’s best for us seeing that these women have shown tremendous, overwhelming grit, capacity and insight over the years while we messed up as position occupants.

I want to see a woman pin down one of this “classified” portfolios in Nigeria. I believe in women being the solitary catalyst to change in this expiring country.

Onyeka Chiemelie


Africa Today News, New  York

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