Dr MarkAnthony Nze Unveils One Month Free Writing Training

In the contemporary world, where content has essentially become ‘king’ in every aspect of human endeavour, it has become crucial for a lot of people to acquire a real skill that they can actually profit from. In the past, this wasn’t as important as it is now. The production of content is how successful entrepreneurs like Jeff Bezos and Mark Zuckerberg made their fortunes.

Therefore, writing books is an interesting and lucrative endeavor if one has the ability to create one’s own original works, which is also the reason that CEO of People & Polity Incorporated, New York, Professor MarkAnthony Nze, a renowned Nigerian-based New York City conscious writer, publisher, and social critic, assisted by Dr Onyeka Chiemelie created a special training, titled, ‘A Comprehensive Guide To Write And Publish A Book’, to help develop aspiring writers and others who are interested to learn more about the craft of writing books.

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This free one-month and intensive symposium which would be held online for wider and convenient participation is for eager journalists, aspiring authors, and anyone with an interest in learning how to write their own books. This is part of People & Polity Incorporated efforts in supporting the global community and implementing better journalistic practices in Nigeria and beyond.

Dr Onyeka Chiemelie, who is the Chief Operating Officer of Scholastic Art Creations Limited in addition to being a well-known author, actor, and entrepreneur, will be facilitating the symposium with Prof. MarkAnthony Nze.

Prof. MarkAnthony Nze and Dr Onyeka Chiemelie are well-known media professionals who informed the public today via their well-known social media accounts that every effort has been made to ensure that the program is as informative and comprehensive as possible.

The training methods will be presented at the symposium, which will be geared toward writers and other individuals who wish to delve into the world of literary compositions and other forms of writing. The program, which is sponsored by People & Polity Incorporated, New York, will have training methods that are both comprehensive and succinct.

The 20th of June through the 20th of July has been designated as the program’s duration; applicants who are interested in the position can direct inquiries to the following numbers:

+234 901 198 9978 (Only for WhatsApp Messages)

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