Germany We're Been Hurt By Heavy Sanctions Against Russia - Germany

Olaf Scholz who is the German Chancellor has finally revealed that some of the sanctions against Russia by some other Western Countries also had an effect on Germany and were hurting his country and some other allied nations.

Olaf had however,maintained that Europe and its allies would have to pay the price since freedom, democracy, solidarity with friends and partners have their prices in places of history.

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He promised that Germany will continue to support Ukraine during a speech at the Annual meeting of the Federation of German Industries on Tuesday, as reported by CNN.

“Unprecedentedly tough sanctions” were imposed on Russia. “These sanctions do work. Yes, these sanctions are hurting ourselves as well. They hurt our companies, but they are right,” Scholz said.

“Freedom has its price. Democracy has its price. Solidarity with friends and partners has its price. And we are prepared to pay this price,” Scholz said.

Scholz said his trip to Irpin near Kyiv last Thursday made clear to him that Ukraine belonged to the European family.

Germany has revealed that they’re ready to deploy more troops to Lithuania, Chancellor Olaf Scholz confirmed during a visit Tuesday in response to repeated requests from the Baltics ahead of a NATO summit.

It has been reported that even before Russia’s February’s invasion of Ukraine, Germany, which heads up a NATO battle group in Lithuania, had increased the size of its deployment from 550 to 1,000 soldiers.

The formerly Soviet-ruled Baltic states of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, which are all now EU and NATO members, are worried they could be next if Russia defeats Ukraine.


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