How Ex-Australia PM Undermined Govt Policies - Scott Morrison

Australia’s solicitor-general has concluded that the country’s former prime minister ‘fundamentally undermined’ legitimate government by surreptitiously appointing himself to extra ministries.

The county prosecutor informed the present administration that Scott Morrison’s actions were acceptable.

The fact that he chose to keep them hidden from both the general public and his own coworkers was ‘inconsistent’ with policy.

Mr. Morrison has defended the steps as ‘necessary’ in ‘extraordinary times’.

The measures are being justified by Mr. Morrison as ‘necessary’ in ‘extraordinary times.’

Mr. Morrison’s actions have been dubbed a ‘unprecedented shredding of our democracy’ by Prime Minister Anthony Albanese. Mr. Albanese announced a probe into the incident on Tuesday.

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Africa Today News, New York recalls that in the two years prior to losing his position in May, Mr. Morrison was appointed joint minister for health, finance, treasury, home affairs, and resources.

Before being fired in May, Mr. Morrison served as a joint minister for the departments of health, finance, treasury, home affairs, and resources for two years.

According to reports, the majority of ministers were not aware Mr. Morrison shared their portfolios with them, and he has come under fire from some of his colleagues.

Mr. Morrison claims that the only choice he meddled with was one Keith Pitt, the previous minister of resources, already had taken.

Stephen Donaghue, the solicitor general, was tasked with looking into Mr. Morrison’s nomination to that ministry and the legality of his interference.

Mr. Donaghue concluded that it wasn’t illegal, but he also stated that: ‘Neither the people nor the parliament can hold a minister accountable… if they are not aware that the minister has those powers.’

Mr. Albanese said the advice was a “very clear criticism” of Mr. Morrison’s actions, adding he would give details of a broader inquiry at a later date.

‘What we know is that there was no transparency here at all,’ he further reporters.

According to Mr. Morrison, his actions were intended to guarantee that the government could continue to run if Covid rendered any ministers incapable.

‘They were put in there as a safeguard as a ‘break-glass-in-case-of-emergency’ and as a result, thankfully, we didn’t need to break the glass,’ he said while addressing a press conference.

‘I think there was a great risk that… those powers could be misinterpreted and misunderstood, which would have caused unnecessary angst in the middle of a pandemic.

Concerns about the Former prime minister have attracted some awareness as the case is being presented before judges for proper scrutiny.

Africa Today News, New York

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