el-Rufai Comes Under Fire Over Anti-ASUU Comments

Following a recent statement from him in which he blasted ASUU for their strike action while calling them a useless union, a cross-section of Nigerians has openly criticised the son of Kaduna state Governor, Basir el-Rufai for referring to the Academic Staff Union of Universities, ASUU as a useless union.

Bashir, in a recent tweet had openly demanded that ASUU should be scrapped and replaced with better educators who care about the welfare of students.

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This led to criticisms from Nigerians who took to social media to blame the All Progressives Congress, APC government for the prolonged strike and not ASUU.

Here are some comments gathered by Africa Today News, New York from Twitter;

@Engr_Amab “Just because your father is a member of APC you now called ASUU useless with all the struggles that these renowned educators are going through, nevertheless they are the one that tutored your father!”

@Dayors “Scrap ASUU and leave the government that refuses to take the welfare of the educational system seriously in our nation? What will be the future of education in our nation?”

@aapara “He who wears the shoes, knows where it pinches. You didn’t school in Nigeria, so you can never know the problem with Nigerian education. Don’t blame ASUU, blame Nigerian politicians that turned deaf ears to the yearnings of Asuu. And your father is also a politician.”

@Kolakehinde77 “This is an unfortunate statement. Which educators are you referring to? Primary school teachers? Don’t be ridiculous.Both the academia and politicians in Nigeria ought to be sacked and replaced with competent citizens.”

@AuwalM “It’s sad that this is coming from you, I won’t blame you anyways but remember the ASUU union is not as useless as APC government.Rubbish talk.”

@Guyman_Naija “APC is a very useless political party. They should be scrapped and replaced with empathetic people that actually give a damn about Nigerians and how that translates to the future of this country. Don’t bother to thank me for the correction, Bashir. Just looking out for my brother.”

@Dube “Not as useless as Kaduna governor “little finger” that can’t secure a state after accusing someone not strong enough to secure a country.An example of “If you think wedding is easy, do child dedication let’s see” you shouldn’t be talking brother.”

@Frizzy “You really need to reevaluate your assessment of the whole thing if you think ASUU is the problem.”

@Abefe “Continue to leverage on your opportunity boy.You are free to say whatever you want because you’re a direct beneficiary of the rot in the system.Continue to open mouth gboaaaaa, because I can only imagine how you’ll say this verbally.”

@SayFriyoo “They should be scrapped for not caring about students you said ? What about their well being too and your fathers who deliberately don’t want us to go to school so people with no value of your kind can continue in power should be left to continue abi?


Africa Today News, New York

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