How To Dig Your River

When you talk about digging a river, so many things come to mind. You are probably thinking of a river and the likely tools needed to dig one. While you hold on to that thought, I would want you to understand that digging your river could symbolise many things. The ability to create your environment and atmosphere irrespective of what the prevalent circumstances are is important. Going beyond and above your immediate circumstances is the goal!

Tired of the situation? change it! Too dry and parched for your liking? change it! Need water? Dig a river!

This is not the time to complain and grumble, get digging! How to dig your river challenges you to challenge the status quo in your life; to prompt you to question norms, to stretch and expand yourself.

How then do you dig your river?

Start by making a list of issues that resonate with you. Do you want to influence the world positively? And guess what? It’s possible! Through acts, some big and some small, we can all contribute to a better world.

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-There has to be a felt need for change-There should be those who model the change where the change needs to happen. -Existing practices and social connections that reinforce the status quo must be addressed and not forcibly altered.

Change management is about breaking away from the status quo. When a person has a “non-negotiable’s” that involves transition and change, this message must come from the leadership and be supported on all fronts.  All too often, those “leaders” really can’t communicate the message clearly and hope the necessary change will come from organic modifications.

According to Robert Quinn (Change the World), there are four strategies for changing the behavior of individuals, organizations, and the world: among them are telling (technical), coercing (political), participating with others in negotiation (interpersonal), and transforming ourselves to be the change we want to see (transformational).

Now, do you still want to dig your river or continue to drink from your cup?

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