Painting The Power Of Your Mind
The art or process of applying paints to a surface such as canvas, to make a picture or other artistic composition OR the expression of ideas and emotions, with the creation of certain aesthetic qualities, in a two-dimensional visual language. 
We are all artist and are responsible for the pictures we paint on the canvass of our lives. When you paint, your mind has to visualize a concept or idea and then recreate it as you paint.
It is time to travel down the recesses of your heart and shop. Keep picking and stringing the thoughts until you have a masterpiece and something to boast about.
Unknown quote:
“I don’t want kisses in black and white, I want a life full of color. I’m tired of gray, of people with storms in their hearts. All I want is to be like a butterfly and be reborn with bright, celebratory colors”.
What do you paint on the canvass of your mind?
Everyone has colors, brushes and a canvass that is able to accommodate their dreams and aspirations.
Questions are:
How willing are you to paint?
What do you paint/what do you see?
How do you interpret the things you see?
How well can you replicate the things you see?
While you paint, you also have the right to erase anything you are not comfortable with. Are there old, cracked and ugly paintings you made in the past? This is the time to take it off and out!
Are there grey and weak areas in your painting, then shine your light and make your dreams come alive.
Stages of awakening your dreams
(From painting to reality)
Meditate: Let it consume you
Mutter: Keep saying it until you completely believe it
Roar: Announce it to the world
What are going to do with the paint and brushes in your hand?
You can listen to the podcast on this topic here 
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