Russian Senior Officials Meeting Disrupted By Ukrainian Missiles

The death toll on a recent attack on a building which had been used by the Russian occupiers in the southern Ukrainian city of Kherson has risen as it was bombarded by missiles during a meeting.

According to the Russian news agencies, the attack had also been carried out by Ukrainian forces who gad fired five missiles into the building on Friday.

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Yekaterina Gubareva who had been the Russian-installed deputy head of the regional administration had revealed to the reporters that the strikes occurred during a meeting of senior officials.

Kherson is the only Ukrainian provincial capital that Russian troops had consistently held since the invasion began on Feb. 24.

Ukrainian military forces are also aiming at recapturing the city on the Dnipro river, which previously housed some 300,000 people before the war, by the end of the year.

In a recent report, some of the Ukrainian forces of Ukraine have announced on Monday that their lightning counter-offensive have taken back some more ground in the past 24 hours, as Russia had replied with some retaliatory strikes on some of the recaptured ground which had been taken recently.

The territorial shifts had also been one of Russia’s biggest reversals since its forces had been turned back from Kyiv in the earliest days of the nearly seven months of fighting, yet Moscow had signalled that it was no closer to agreeing a negotiated peace.

“Ukraine has turned the tide in its favour, but the current counter-offensive will not end the war,” US think tank Institute for the Study of War tweeted.

Moscow had also recently announced air, rocket and artillery attacks on some of the reclaimed areas in the Kharkiv region on Monday, a day after Kyiv had revealed that some of the Russian strikes on electricity infrastructure had also caused power failures.


Africa Today News, New York

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