Attacks On Supporters Must Stop: Labour Party

The Labour Party has denounced what it called systematic assaults on its pacifist followers in various federation states.

It was observed that the LP, a group aiming to alter the perception of Nigerian politics, declared it would no longer put up with such heinous behaviour while urging security services to assume their duties.

Comrade Arabambi Abayomi, the party’s national publicity secretary, said as much in a telephone interview on Tuesday.


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“We observe with concern the cruelly coordinated attack by the Kastina State Chapter of the All Progressive Congress (APC) on the peace-loving Obedient political movement followers of Mr. Peter Gregory Obi, the incoming President of the federal republic of Nigeria come May 29th 2022,” he wrote.

“Unfortunately, with this despicable behaviour, it is quickly becoming apparent that the APC has formally accepted violent attacks against the group of LP supporters of the presidential candidate across the States of the Nation.

“LP deems this tendency to be wholly unacceptable and denounces the rising terrorism of the APC in practically every state under APC rule in the country.

While we detest all types of violence, we would like to state on the record that no political party has a monopoly on crass and intentional brutality.

It is ironic, according to Abayomi, that a sitting governor who once asserted that Peter Obi was unknown outside of the South East is now so alarmed that there are so many of Obi’s supporters in his territory that he has turned to tacitly supporting violence against supporters of the “unknown” presidential candidate.

He said, One simply hopes that the security agencies will not continue to appear helpless as this chain of planned and choreographed violence are visited relentlessly on the LP Presidential support groups all over the States under APC in the Country.


Africa Today News, New York

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