Importance Of Stocl Taking

Stocktaking is the action of reviewing and assessing one’s situation and options.
In the journey of life, it is important that you make a deliberate attempt to grow, improve on yourself and develop yourself. Make your tiny steps as well as the giant ones. It doesn’t matter your pace but make sure you are moving. How then will you be able to measure your growth when/if you are not taking stock of your growth? This is where stock keeping comes in.

In order for you to be to able to measure your growth, it is important that you practice the act of stock keeping.

Ways to achieve that goal

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-Have a clear picture of your destination
-Be deliberate/intentional about your growth
-Measure your growth
-Keep pressing on
-Hit the mark and smash it!
-You could even surpass your target

So many times we assume we are making progress but it becomes easy to tell yourself the truth
-when you can measure your growth and progress
-It becomes easy when you can point out your shortcomings
-It gets easier when you refuse to hide behind your shortcomings/flaws
-It gets better when we stop believing in our lies
-It becomes possible when we believe in ourselves

It doesn’t matter how long you have been on the journey of growth and self development, if you would take time to look inwards and fix the loose end, you will travel well and long.

Another thing you may realize when you start taking stock of your life are the beautiful things we take for granted. The importance of this act is to help you appreciate the valuable gifts you have and help you imbibe the habit of gratitude. When you are grateful and see everything through the lens of joy, you will travel far without feeling the heat from your journey and will also attract other goodness to yourself.

So, do we have a deal? Try it and you would be glad you did.

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