Mass Communication An Overview

The process of professional communicators spreading ideas, thoughts, and information to people is referred to as mass communication. According to Metha, mass communication is the act of simultaneously disseminating information, ideas, and entertainment to a wide range of audiences. Thus, it involves sending messages via radio, television, magazines, flyers, newspapers, and other forms of social media to numerous dispersed audiences.

Functions of Mass Communication:

In today’s culture, mass communication serves a variety of purposes. It is used, for instance, to: inform people, convince people, construct public opinion, spread government programs and policies, promote ideologies, provide entertainment and pleasure, promote educational and health programs, create and sustain social contact and linkage, etc.

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Characteristics of Mass Communication:

It primarily communicates in a one-way fashion.

The public has several options for media content or channels to watch or listen to.

It has the ability to reach huge and diverse populations of people.

It can affect society, but society can also have an impact on it.

Importance of Mass Communication:

Mass communication is utilized for national development, information distribution, entertainment and pleasure promotion, education and enlightenment, aids in socialization among society’s members, offers opportunities for behavioral and attitudinal adjustments, and aids in raising the standard of living and job creation.

Classes of Mass Communication:

Two types of mass communication exist;

Print media: This category includes all mass media that has been printed, including books, newspapers, magazines, journals/periodicals, Braille, posters, and more.

The usage of electronic or electromechanical mass communication tools, including DVDs, television, the internet, radio, movies, and the telephone, is covered by the field of electronic media.

Following the above, Mass Communication is very important to society and makes life easier and simple to live. It also makes the universe a global village and accessible to all.

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