Your Future Is In Your Hands

The excitement is almost tangible. The fragrance in the air and the excitement is so thick that you could literally cut a slice from it. It’s November and the holiday is staring us in the face. Are you excited about the achievements you have made so far or disappointed about the things you were unable to achieve in the outgoing year?

Regardless of your past or the things you couldn’t achieve so far, the year still has a gift for you. As the year comes to an end, a strange sense of exhaustion might overcome your being as the countdown begins. Look inside and sincerely ask yourself these questions:
1. What are my strength(s)?
2. What would I consider as my weakness(es) so far
3. How do I improve on my skills and work on my weakness(es)?

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After taking note of the above, proceed by looking for ways to improve and start immediately. Do not allow your previous achievements and past failures deter you or put your faith on the ground. Decide to fight for your life!

As the remaining months unfold and the new year comes to view, it is necessary that you realize that the days of the months are empty. Days are vacuum and are only man’s way of calculating or determining times and season. It is your responsibility to fill the days and your life with all the goodies you would want to experience. No man can do this for you. It is solely your responsibility. It is important for you not to wait for a certain time to do this but start now. Begin the journey of change and do your best to make the world a better place.

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