Why I Stripped Naked To Pray For Tinubu’s Win – Olaiya Igwe

Veteran Nollywood actor and producer Ebun Oloyede, a.k.a. Olaiya Igwe, has opened up on why he actually went naked at the beach to pray for the All Progressives Congress (APC) presidential candidate, Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s victory in the 2023 general elections.

Africa Today News, New York reports that in a viral video shared on his Instagram page on Saturday, the actor was sighted naked, praying for Tinubu’s victory at the beach.

In his post, Olaiya Igwe explained that the former Lagos State Governor is ‘the only candidate that reflects our values and highest ideals. And a leader who would fight hard to keep the promise of Nigeria for the next generation.’

Taking to his official Instagram account to post the video himself, he captioned, ‘It is my pleasure to support a candidate who truly reflects our values and highest ideals. There is one candidate in this election who will protect that dream. 

‘One leader who will fight hard to keep the promise of Nigeria for the next generation. And that’s why we must stand up and make Bola Ahmed Tinubu Jagaban the next president of Nigeria.’

The video has however generated reactions from social media users with many condemning the act as totally wrong, shameful and uncalled for.

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Popular radio host, Dotundtun wrote on Twitter, ‘The video of Olaiya Igwe going butt naked is despicable and disgusting. It’s okay to support whoever you choose but even the person you are doing that for, they will be appalled by that level of filth.. your maturity should have a place in history. This is lower low ‘

Another Twitter user, ‘AjayiKehindeTa2 ‘If the video I saw recently is truly posted by Olaiya Igwe then he is a disgrace to have gone that low for whatever reason he did it.  Even if he did it while acting in a movie in Nollywood this is still a shameful action. Can’t his colleagues and children talk sense to him?’

‘That  Olaiya Igwe video hit me bad sha. It’s as if it’s my Dad. It hit me badly bcos I remember watching Olaiya as a kid from Ìrù Ešïn to Ti oluwa nile and hundreds of movies he’s done. So painful to see despite all those decades of hard work, he’s going naked for politics.’ @AyoBankole opined.

Meanwhile, Instagram has deleted his account for violating its nudity and obscenity rules.

Africa Today News, New York recalls that the actor had earlier described Tinubu as his benefactor for saving his life after he was diagnosed with nephrolithiasis (Kidney Stones) without knowing him.

Olaiya’s followers on social media appear divided over the mode he chose to show his support. While many believe he can express himself in any way he desires, others think he should have applied some etiquette.


Africa Today News, New York

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