Muhammadu Buhari who is seeking for re-election as the President of Nigeria on the platform of the APC has begged Nigerians to give him their votes, adding that Nigeria will be better if he Buhari is re-elected.

Buhari in his words asked Nigerians, “Am I not good enough?”

The question came after he heard complaints from Nigerians saying that the present government is the worst in history and vows to vote him out.

The President said, “I have done all I could, to my possible best to make this country better which we all know I have done well and if I continue this country will not remain the same. It is not every Nigerian that will benefit but I noticed those not benefiting from my governmnet are too much.
I promised to run for one term but I can’t leave this country with the way it is right now.
A lot of Nigerians have come up with the name “Jubril of sudan” adding that I am not the real Buhari, I am the real president of Nigeria and as a Nigerian. Nigerians should stop listening to fake news because this country is a great nation and we must work together to ensure better Nigeria.”

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