Nigerian Police

Photo: Dolapo

The rate at which ladies’ pants are stolen and subsequently used for money rituals have become a source of worry to the Nigerian police. Reacting to the situation, the Lagos State Police Public Relations Officer, Superintendent of Police, Dolapo Badmos, has said that anyone caught in the act of pant thievery is mostly likely going to be charged with murder and not stealing.

Just recently, a mob nearly killed a man in Ondo State found with with a large bag of used pants, and supposedly for rituals.

“What is the in thing about increase in stealing of underpants?! Learnt the ones caught in the act always confess to be using it for rituals whereof the owner dies prematurely…. Henceforth anyone caught stealing pants might not be charged for stealing but attempted murder. This has to stop,” Badmos posted on Instagram page kicking against such practise.

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