Issues formulated for Governor Obiano and his aides 4

By Odumodu Gbulagu

When I wrote early 2018 that Willie Obiano had an agreement with Buhari and the APC to help him win the November 2017 gubernatorial elections in turn for APGA support of Buhari’s re-election, I received barrages of insults.

I only told people that events of coming days would prove me right, and they have.

I have shown a lot of verifiable evidences that Willie Obiano and APGA are supporting and campaigning for Buhari, but some people were still in doubt.

Some of the evidences are:

* APGA/APC campaign posters with pictures of Buhari and Obiano and bold inscription of continuity.
* The 4 is better than 8 campaign by Obiano’s aides.
* The recent visit of the aides where they supported Buhari with 3 billion naira for campaign.

Now, look at Obiano’s latest comment, as he didn’t hide it again.

“There is a big difference between Want and Need. You may want Atiku but Buhari is what you need as a Nation.It’s a pity we won’t vote Peter and Atiku. Buhari is what we need.”

– Governor Willie Obiano

This is a party that fielded a presidential candidate, and where Willie Obiano is the Board of Trustee chairman.

Is it clear to you all now that the APGA presidential candidate is a ploy by Buhari/Obiano/APC/APGA to divide PDP’s vote in the Southeast and spite Peter Obi?