Trump delays deportation raids, seeks deal with Democrats
President Trump

So, what kind of speech will we get from President Trump tonight? A call for national unity as the nation feels hopelessly divided? Or a double-down on the politics of grievance that have defined his two years in office? The President might make bona fide news tonight in the speech. Trump, who has called border security negotiations among lawmakers a “waste of time,” might go ahead and declare a national emergency on the US-Mexico border, potentially clearing the way for the use of Defense Department funds to build a wall. But such a move, which even members of his own party have doubts about, is sure to spark a battle that the courts would have to settle.

Here’s what to watch for tonight. You can also read up on the President’s guests for the speech, as well as who members of Congress are bringing. Learn a little more about Stacey Abrams, the former Georgia gubernatorial candidate who is giving the Democratic response. Find out why women have been urged to wear white to tonight’s speech. And, of course, watch the State of Union tonight at 9 ET on CNN TV and CNN Digital.