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A member of staff of the company at work on a part of the farm.

At Sub-Sahara Commodities our core value includes sustainable agriculture, environmental sustainability and economic opportunity.

Sub-Sahara Commodities mission is deliver food security to ensure that quality and nutritional food products are made available for our citizenry to eliminate Hunger and Malnutrition.

Our Integrated Farming Framework ensures that food lose and waste is eliminated. To this effect we are building a Processing plant and preservation facility in our farm.

Sub-Sahara Commodities Framework is such that we will act as a collection point for small-scale farmers in our host community. The food bank Framework is such that we collect produce, then add value, and create customer interface, the information around this value chain is such that we can measure and forecast what product is required, and at what quantity it is required.  
The data pulled can help us access customer interface and will in turn help us know the target market and the market requirements.

In creating a better future in our community, Sub-Sahara commodities also aims to provide equal access to vocational training in our farm to eliminate gender disparities with the aim of achieving access to a quality education for both girls and boys as education is one of the most powerful and proven vehicles for sustainable development. Secondly, we think people should be educated and should know the real value of the agriculture in poverty reduction.

In 2016, sub-Sahara commodities launched Enhanced Agricultural Initiative For Africa, a non profit wing of our company saddled with the responsibility of hybrid seed distribution to farmers in our Host community, The initiative was thought out because we are an integrated farm ( Animal and plant dependence). With over 14,000 liters of water weekly from the fish ponds, farrow irrigation was carried out daily using the waste water.
We developed a kit containing hybrid seeds ( Maize, millet, beans and soybeans) with a visual aid instructional manual on planting methods for women who have lands around their homes but do not know how to start. This was not restricted to women alone as some unemployed youths also benefited.
The program was accompanied with our farm capacity building classes about fertilization method, organic chicken dunk curing, how to use modern agricultural techniques to produce surplus food in marketable quantity and also coach farmers on how to become commercial businessmen.
Sub-Sahara Commodities is working close with farmers in our Host community in bridging the gap between inputs and outputs coordination. We employed hard working youths who have showed interest in agriculture and wish to venture into the agricultural business.
Following the eruption of violence in the north east part of the country which claimed countless lives, razed entire villages and forced hundreds of thousands of families from their homes & community we launched our assistance program called “A THOUSAND SPOON” where we take food, foodstuffs & clean water to children and women at the IDP Camps (INTERNAL DISPLACED PERSON) to help combat malnutrition.


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