Judiciary was meant to be the third arm of the government, but dictator Buhari has rendered Nigeria judiciary useless, usurped their powers, and what we currently have can be called EXECUTIARY.

Prior to now in Nigeria, judiciary was said to be the last hope of the common man, but dictator Buhari has turned Nigerian judiciary as the oppressor of the common man.

Initially, lady justice had her blindfold on and doesn’t look at faces before cutting through with her sword, but in Buhari’s Nigeria, she has removed her blindfold and looks very well to know who the favourite person is before swinging her sword. In fact, she tips her scale to the side of the favourite before dispensing justice.

It all started when Buhari raided homes of judges Gestapo style in the middle of the night, and the gullible ones cheered him on as a man who doesn’t tolerate corruption and who wants to rid the judiciary of corruption. Little did they know he had a mission to decimate the judiciary and install his cronies.

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It got to a point where every court order was disobeyed, yet even renowned lawyers clapped for him and never saw anything wrong with it. They opined that he was the real man that Nigeria needed.

The high point was the brazen removal of Onnoghen. The plan was carefully hatched and professionally executed.

The final nail on the coffin of the judiciary was the appointment of Tanko as the Chief Justice of Nigeria. What concerns a man who studied sharia law with CJN? This is a man who doesn’t know the difference between a driver and a pilot, yet he’s the CJN.

The assault on the judiciary graduated to desecration of temple of justice in the case of Sowore, which was hitherto unheard of before the emergence of Buhari, yet some more people felt it didn’t concern them because they were not directly affected.
Now, it has reached a crescendo where the Supreme Court will give a questionable ruling that defied technicality and even common sense, and some people are still happy about it.

Where is the Nigeria Bar Association and others who were vocal when Goodluck Jonathan was on the seat? Where are those lawyers who protested fuel price hike under Jonathan?
Known SANs are now talking like motor park touts under Buhari. Itse Sagay, Keyanmo, Osinbajo, Fashola and many others are perfect example.

In dictatorships, the constitution is suspended and anarchy takes center stage.
That’s exactly what’s obtainable in this Buhari’s administration.
We no more have judiciary as an independent arm of government in Nigeria, it’s now fused in the executive.
Nigerian judiciary has been buried, and it’s coffin was carefully nailed in such a way that it won’t be easy to open.

By Odumodu Gbulagu


Africa Today News, New York