Uwa Rice Poundo The Perfect Natural 'Swallow' For Everyone
Not many people who enjoy eating morsel meals (swallow) know that their favourite delicacy can be made from rice. Well, following extensive research, a Nigerian brand has thrown up something worth celebrating in Uwa Rice Poundo which is not only delicious but also highly nutritious.
The truth is that to grow the Nigerian economy, Nigerians would have to eat Nigerian foods. Uwa Foods is out to ensure that Nigerians don’t just eat Nigerian foods but also eat healthy foods. Eating Nigerian foods not only helps to grow the import-driven Nigerian economy and also improves the living standard of people.

Uwa Rice Poundo is a product of UWA Foods, which is an indigenous food production and packaging company, located in Lagos, Nigeria. This is a company that clearly understands that the Nigerian society consists of a rich blend of cultural diversities, which is evident in her multifarious meal types, particularly morsel meals (swallows) and soups. In recent times, the increase of continental and other foreign dishes on the dining tables of Nigerians is pushing local dishes out of the contention on the menu list of Nigerians and this is something Uwa Foods is out to correct. They have taken up the challenge to ensure not only the promotion of the consumption of local and healthy meals but also they have gone on to invent creative ways of making the preparations of this meal hassle-free and easy.

Research has proven time after time that the food human beings eat can be either the safest and most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison. This explains why, today, everyone is encouraged to Eat RIGHT to LIVE right. Uwa Foods understand this mandate and they are out to ensure that Nigerians and Africans generally eat not just delicious morsels but also very nutritious and healthy ones. Uwa aims to be the leading natural food production and processing company in West Africa by 2030, which would be better positioned to provide nutritious and healthy variants of local meals to every household, regardless of status in the society, and at very affordable rates.

The formulation of Uwa Rice Poundo is the outcome of several years of rigorous research and experimentation, the company undertook this experience to ensure that they provide their customers with food products that would leave them begging for more, luckily this has been the case ever since the product was unveiled to customers.

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Uwa Foods understand the importance of maintaining proper standards and this is why all their food brands are certified by the National Agency for Food and Drugs Administration and Control (NAFDAC) and are produced under strict hygienic conditions. This is in tandem with their mission of promoting public health in society through eating healthy.

Their commitment to excellence in all of their practices is unrivaled, this is evident in the attention they pay to every minute detail, right from sourcing the raw materials needed to make this ‘poundo’ through to the packaging of their finished products. Generally, they employ the use of the best quality resources available in the market just to ensure they come out with food products that their customers can always trust, both in terms of quality and pricing.

So, when next you want to eat highly nourished ‘poundo’, it is advisable that you try the Uwa Rice Poundo and see the difference for yourself. You would be grateful to yourself for that decision and you would see yourself begging for more.

If you’re interested in giving Uwa Foods a try, do place an order on https://www.konga.com/product/uwa-rice-poundo-1kg-5695124
Presently, their products are available at major Super Stores in Lagos and Ogun States for the time being. Distributors are needed nationwide.
Please call/WhatsApp: 0912 434 7524, 09047426462 or

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