Darya Dugina Putin's Ally's Daughter Killed In Bomb Attack
Reports reaching the desk of Africa Today News, New York has it that the daughter of a close associate of Russian President Vladimir Putin was alleged killed close to Moscow.
Darya Dugin reportedly died as a result of her car being caught up in an inferno while she was driving home, according to the local media.
It is questionable if her dad, the scholar Aleksandr Dugin, nicknamed “Putin’s brain” in Russia, was the targeted victim of an assault.
The well-known ultra-nationalist figure Mr. Dugin is thought to be connected to the Russian president.
The two were scheduled to return from a function on Saturday night in the same car, according to Russian news organization 112, but Mr. Dugin decided to travel apart from his daughter at the very last moment.
An unconfirmed video uploaded to Telegram appears to capture Mr. Dugin staring in disbelief as emergency personnel reaches the scene of the smoldering wreck of a car.
The BBC was unable to substantiate the clip.
An unidentified police officer acknowledged to RIA news agency that a car had taken fire on a highway in the Odintsovo district of the Moscow region, but gave no other information.
The Russian government has not yet issued an official statement.
Ms. Dugin’s father is connected to the Russian president despite not possessing a formal government position; he has also been referred to as “Putin’s Rasputin.”
Darya Dugin, a well-known reporter and pundit who backed the Russian invasion, said to be the philosopher’s daughter.
She received a sanctions from UK authorities previously this year after they charged the 29-year-old with spreading “disinformation” online about the Russian invasion of Ukraine.
Vladimir Putin’s worldview is said to have been profoundly influenced by the ultra-nationalist publications of Aleksandr Dugin, who is also directly linked to Russia’s incursion of Ukraine.
The ideologue had publicly declared backing for Russian aggression against Ukraine and was sanctioned by the US in 2015 for his suspected role in Russia’s military takeover of Crimea in 2014.

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