Do You Burn Bridges

The old warning not to burn your bridges is our subject of review today and I’m curious to know your thoughts. Do you agree with the saying or do you burn your bridges? In other to shed more light on the above subject, we must make it clear that burning bridges literally means destroying a bridge or path behind oneself.

As long as we may have been fed the above expression, it is important to realize that burning of bridges might just be what life has been expecting you to do. Burning bridges with people who have nothing good to do with you.

Giving a second chance after reviewing the possible reasons of failure is a rational way of keeping the trust in other and strengthening the loyalty factor. If you do not give a second chance and are hasty to burn the bridge, you will be creating cultures of fear, blame, and retribution.

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What are the bridges in your life that you might want to burn? That unproductive relationship or habit? Or is it the addiction or your weakness(es)?

Furthermore, It also implies that once a bridge is burnt, it can not be used again. So, in a situation where it is necessary to go back for whatever reason, if the bridge is still standing, you will be able to do so. If it’ s burnt, then you have created an unnecessary problem for yourself.

Are there bridges you burnt in the past? Are there errors you want to make right?

People you hurt in the past? Now is the opportunity to rebuild the collapsed bridge.

Having been on both sides of a fence in this peice, it is important to note that forgiving and deserving are a fine line!

So, what is your take? Will you burn the bridge or just go past?

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