RTEAN Vows To Cleanse Motor Parks Of Thuggery, Hooliganism

The Road Transport Employers Association of Nigeria (RTEAN) has promised to bring about a transformation in the transportation sector, and this starts with the eradication of thuggery in motor parks.

Musa Maitakobi, the President of RTEAN, made this promise during the weekend after a leadership and policy training program that saw the participation of 17 association members at the National Institute for Policy and Strategic Studies (NIPSS) in Kuru Jos, Plateau state.

At the event, Maitakobi, who was bestowed with the Nigeria Silent Heroes Award (NSHA), emphasised the RTEAN constitution’s resolute disapproval of thuggery and hooliganism in all forms.

He shared his belief that the newfound leadership skills within the organisation will bring about a shift in the public’s perception of road transport labourers in Nigeria.

Maitakobi said, ‘I want to use this medium to thank NIPSS. This is good for those of us who are educated.’

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‘Initially, the public saw us as touts and hooligans but when you go through our constitution, we have the mandate to eradicate thuggery and hooliganism in motor parks. This also shows that our members are educated because you can’t approach NIPSS if you are not educated.’

Furthermore, he revealed that the leadership training had already started to yield results, and the participants would cascade the training to their state-level branches.

Maitakobi highlighted the peaceful character of RTEAN members and advised them to preserve law and order in all circumstances.

He advised, ‘Also, I want to tell our members that anywhere you find yourself, please be a law-abiding citizen. Don’t put yourself into a position that will cause problems, you should not allow anyone to use you. I know that going to do a rally or protest is your right but don’t destroy any properties nor fight with security agencies.’

Adamu Jalaludeen, serving as both the RTEAN Kaduna State chairman and Vice President for the North West, and also a participant in the leadership training, affirmed that the association is reclaiming its rightful standing among labor unions.

He voiced confidence that the recent reforms and training efforts will enable RTEAN members to play an even more substantial role in the development of Nigeria’s transport sector.

Africa Today News, New York

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