Tinubu A Disaster, Nigerians Should Avoid At All Costs

The thought of a Bola Ahmed Tinubu Presidency should naturally send shivers down the spine of any Nigerian who has a breathing conscience. As dangerous as it sounds, reality projects that it is not impossible. Against all odds as the candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC) and seems unstoppable in his race to Aso Rock to fulfill his ‘Life ambition’, however, whether Nigerians will sit back and watch haplessly as it happens is a question of time.

To many unaware Nigerians, Tinubu is a master strategist and Machiavellian politician who understands the game better than anyone else. While this is relatively true, Nigerians must educate themselves about the danger his dangerously desperate ambition portends to their collective survival as a people. They must be made to realise that a glutton is now eyeing their badly depleted pot of food. They must understand that a goat is actively scheming to take over their barns. They must understand that soulless beasts are out to make the country’s seat of power their fortress. Nigerians must know these things and things to stop them, putting this information out is not just for the records, but for posterity’s sake.

May 29, 2023, would mark the end of Buhari’s torture. The last eight years have remained the worst in Nigeria’s history as far as governance is concerned. The worst thing to wish Nigeria at the moment is a Tinubu Presidency in quick succession. Some people have aptly described the experience as a ‘frying pan to fire’, and nothing can be more true.

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If Nigerians want their country to stand any chance of survival, they must give in their all to make sure a dementia-ravaged Buhari is not replaced with a more emotionally troubled Tinubu who just wants power because it is his ‘lifetime ambition’ and it is ‘his turn’. Nigerians must do everything possible to prevent another cabal-run government that would be on auto-pilot mode the moment there is some sort of friction within the kitchen cabinet. Nigerians must prevent another President that would be out of touch with reality. Just like many of us warned prior to the 2015 mistake, Nigerians are doing the same thing now.

Anyone who has taken his or her time to watch Tinubu closely and dispassionately in recent times can’t help but notice that the man is definitely not well. To put it in mild terms, the current landlord of Lagos State is a walking psychedelic calamity waiting to happen. His endless verbal slip-ups and nonverbal mishaps have constantly continued to clearly show Nigerians that the man many of their countrymen and women are propping to succeed the ‘disaster’ in Aso Rock is another ‘unaware’ man. The desire to get him to Aso rock is one driven by selfish reasons and not patriotism or the desire to get Nigeria working.

The truth is that Tinubu is definitely old and he knows it. Many of his paid hirelings have continued to insist that the office of the President of Nigeria is not a boxing ring, true! But Nigeria needs a capable hand now and not a frail man that should be resting in his living room with grand and great-grandchildren. The office of the Presidency of Nigeria needs a 24/7 hand, even President Buhari himself affirmed that much, when in his recent interview confessed that age is telling on him already. When you juxtapose that revelation that Tinubu appears quite older, weaker, and cognitively constrained than the man he wants to succeed, you can only weep for Nigeria.

Tinubu himself more than any other person has clearly shown Nigerians the mistake he is asking them to make. Sometime last year, while making a rare attempt to provide solutions to Nigeria’s security problems, he suggested that an effective way to fight unemployment in the country and demobilize bandits in several parts of the country, particularly the North was to recruit 50 million youths into the military while feeding them with corn three times a day. According to Tinubu, a quarter of Nigerian citizens must join the army before the country can be rescued from the fangs of insecurity. Although his press aides later issued a damage control statement stressing he meant ‘50,000 youths,’ not ’50 million youths,’ that episode was sure registered in the minds of Nigerians. Again, just a few months ago, while addressing young people during a political rally, Tinubu reminded them that many of them were ‘Tweeting’ on ‘WhatsApp’ and that their phone numbers have been disconnected from the national power grid. The truth is that despite the futile efforts made by the members of his PR team to control the damage caused by both outings, they did not go on without being noted as a dissociation from reality.

It is that we point out that Tinubu has the most sophisticated propagandists and mind managers in Nigeria under his payroll, but then again, he sometimes overrules his media minders and rants in public while in an unflattering mental state and he always gives more damage control briefs to do than being proactive. It is through expert media manipulation by this breed of wicked ingenious spin doctors, that many Nigerian have now come to associate Tinubu with political and cognitive sophistication and admirable intellectual heft which he clearly doesn’t have.

The truth remains that as Governor of Lagos State for eight years, Asiwaju only concentrated on building a formidable political structure than building a working Lagos. His political structures outlived whatever physical or governance infrastructure he put in place in Lagos and the Southwest which his mind managers now boast of. There is every likelihood he would be attempting to replicate this at a national level should he become Nigeria’s President, and this will be to the detriment of Nigeria’s infrastructural and human development. Nigerians should not allow this to happen.

Till date, he remains that former Governor who failed to build a world-class hospital for his people while in office to the extent that he always runs out of the country to Europe with taxpayers’ money to receive world-class treatment for the slightest headache after depriving Lagos with basic needs such as quality healthcare services. So what is he coming to offer Nigerians?

Recently he was seen claiming that he was a youth, this was the same man that was alleged to be part of the plot that masterminded the killing of innocent young people at the Lekki Tollgate on October 20, 2020. Tinubu is simply a destabilised politician whose conscience has been buried against humanity. The only thing that seems to matter to him is how to actualise his political ambition. The fight to prevent Tinubu and his corrupt goons from entering Aso Rock is one that must be collectively fought by all Nigerians of good conscience if they don’t want to become refugees under a Tinubu presidency.

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