Nigeria@60 - 60 Bishops declare fasting, prayer to end insecurity

Arewa Pastors, a non-denominational organisation, which comprise 60 clerics across 19 northern states, on Saturday reaffirmed its commitment to praying and fasting monthly for divine intervention to end insecurity.

Bishop John Richard, Chairman of the Arewa Pastors, disclosed this in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Abuja.

He spoke against the backdrop of the inauguration of the monthly prayer and fasting project initiative organised by the Pastors, to commemorate Nigeria’s 60th independence anniversary.

According to him, as long as Nigeria exists, the intervention initiative will be carried out to move the nation forward.

Richard said, ‘This particular gathering of 60 Bishops and Archbishops is to pray for divine intervention with the theme: Nigeria@60, old enough for peace, unity, and prosperity.’

‘It will continue monthly as we have declared it today, until we see Nigeria peaceful, free from insecurity, where people can travel without being kidnapped on highways and bombing stops.’

‘Until then, we will be gathering and crying to God, fasting and praying for divine intervention for security agencies to help us to stay safely.’

‘Also, that God should touch wicked people to have change of heart and above all, for God to rebrand the economy of Nigeria, so that the youth and unemployed persons can earn good living.’

‘This is one of the ways we can reduce insecurity, we are not encouraging anybody to carry arms or indulge in crime because there is no food, but as humans we are trusting God in these three dimensions mentioned.’

He called for close working relations between the Federal Government and leaders of religious-based organisations to ensure holistic approach in the fights against crime.

He commended the government’s efforts to tackle crime, saying more needed to be done through divine intervention to gain a lasting solution.

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‘We call on government  to continue to do its best and also recognise the place of supernatural intervention, to see how to partner religious body on ways to lend our voices to talk to Nigerians, because some people who indulge in crime are Christians and Muslims.’

‘So, if government partners religious-based institutions like Muslims and Christian, as major religions and we continue to talk and engage our followers, it will help reduce insecurity.’

‘Government must also invite religious leaders from time-to-time to seek constructive advise,’ he added.

He urged government not to be deterred on its confidence in clergy men and women due to opposition to its programmes, but to work closely with them to enjoy divine intervention in the country.

‘They are still members and women of God that believe in the Nigeria-peace project, who are ready to partner government to achieve the dream of making Nigeria the best country among committee of nations,’ he said.

The organisation seeks to promote religious tolerance, peaceful coexistence, fight against hate speech, and development programme initiatives of the government.