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1. Question : I am interested in relocating. How do I go online to register and download? 

Answer: For California, simply click on this link, California Board of Registered Nursing.

For New York: go to this link,

For any state of your interest, just type the state name and add board of Nursing

2. Question: Please which is the best state to migrate to in the U.S. for Nurses?

Answer: Actually, this depends on interest/choice. All the states in America are worth migrating to, and practising as a nurse.

  3. Question: Your writeup on Africa online news is very informative especially for Nurses who are confused  on processes  to take in migrating to USA. Please can you list the top paying states? Thank you.
Answer: The following are the top ten paying states in the USA:
a. California
   b. Hawaii
   c. District of Columbia
   d. Massachusetts
   e. Oregon
   f. Alaska
   g. Nevada
    h. New York
     i. New Jersey
      j. Connecticut

Ten states considered to be the safest in the USA; free from natural disasters:
     a. Montana
     b. New Hampshire
      c. Maine
      d. Maryland
      e. Colorado
       f. Ohio
       g. Vermont
       h. Illinois
       i. Minnesota
        j. Michigan


Ten states considered to witness the most natural disasters are:
        a. Texas
        b. California
        c. Oklahoma
        d. New York
        e. Florida
        f. Louisiana
        g. Alabama
        h. Kentucky
        i. Arkansas
        j. Missouri


4. QuestionDoes one need NCLEX-RN exam to practice in Canada also


Answer: Yes, in order to practice as a Registered nurse in USA or Canada for the first time, you must pass the Nclex exam which is a National Council of State Boards of Nursing,(NCSBN) examination, Nursing usually handled by Pearson Vue.

N.B. Some agencies are willing to take the responsibility off you as soon as you have passed the IELTS. They will sponsor your NCLEX-RN exam journey, and recruit you once you have passed.

In the subsequent edition, I will be listing the agencies that can sponsor you from the beginning.
Somachi MarkAnthony, BSN, is a registered nurse/certified nephrology nurse. She lives in and writes from the USA.
For questions, and further clarifications, she can be reached at:

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