Many Nigerian Musicians Are Currently Depressed – Iyanya

Nigerian singer, Onoyom Mbuk who is popularly known as Iyanya, has asserted that quite a lot of his colleagues are depressed however, they pretend to be happy on social media.

He started this in a chat with popular media personality, Chude Jideonwo which was monitored by Africa Today News, New York.

Recall that Iyanya broke the internet last December when he announced on Twitter that things became worse for him career wise in 2021 as he couldn’t get booked for any event.

Featuring in the recent episode of the With Chude podcast, the Kukere crooner recounted his struggles to return to the limelight after falling off.

In the chat, Iyanya said, ‘It is the reality of the game, you know. When you are out for a while coming back is even harder. Most people don’t even come back. When you come back like that you have to let people know that sharing our stories inspires so many people.

‘So many people reached out to me to say ‘thank you for that tweet you made. You’ve inspired me’.

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‘We [artists] don’t share this [vulnerable] part of our lives. That is why so many people are frustrated not knowing that another person is going through something worse than theirs.

‘A lot [of musicians are depressed]. A whole lot. The people who you see out there making you feel like things is good, they are the ones going through worst things. So, they try to make you feel like they are right. People are going through a lot. So, you have to be vulnerable with your experiences.’

Africa Today News, New York reports that many celebrities have been accused of living fake lives on social media.

Africa Today News, New York

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