LGBT Torture Ugandan Prison Chief Banned From US

The government of  United States has imposed sanctions on the chief of Uganda’s prison service, who is accused of overseeing the abuse and torture of LGBT+ people as well as critics of the government.

Africa Today News, New York reports that a total of 20 people from several countries around the world have so far been sanctioned for human rights abuses.

Among them is Jefferson Koijee, the mayor of Liberia’s capital Monrovia.

The US accuses him of controlling paramilitary-style organisations associated with his CDC party.

Also placed on the sanctions list are three militia leaders in the Democratic Republic of Congo: William Yakutumba of the Mai-Mai and the CNPSC, Willy Ngoma who is a spokesman of the M23 rebel group, and Michel Rukunda of the Twirwaneho armed group.

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In the Central African Republic, the former president’s son, Jean-Francis Bozizé, is accused of importing weapons for the CPC rebel group. His compatriot Mahamat Salleh is a CPC commander who is accused of raping girls and forcing them into sexual slavery.

In South Sudan, county commissioners Gordon Koang Biel and Gatluak Nyang Hoth are accused of allowing ‘government-aligned forces and allied militias’ to systematically rape woman and children ‘as an incentive and reward’.

They have been sanctioned alongside Joseph Mantiel Wajang, the governor in Unity State who the US says appointed both men into those positions of power despite the serious accusations against them.

They and all others named on Friday’s list will not be able to enter the US or have financial dealings with US citizens or companies.

In another report, a70-year-old woman in Uganda has given birth to twins, describing the miraculous event as a source of joy after years of barrenness.

Safina Namukwaya delivered the twins, a boy and a girl, at a medical facility in Kampala, the capital of Uganda, on Wednesday, thanks to fertility treatment.

Dr Edward Tamale Sali, the doctor who supervised Namukwaya’s pregnancy and delivery, expressed awe at the extraordinary achievement, declaring it a milestone in Africa’s medical history.

Africa Today News, New York

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