Anyaoku: Current Constitution Ill-Equipped To Meet Challenges

In a noteworthy declaration, Emeka Anyaoku, previously at the helm of the Commonwealth, remarked that Nigeria’s ongoing constitutional and governance arrangements are inadequate for grappling with the country’s economic situation and other challenges.

Among the array of “serious challenges” facing the country, Emeka Anyaoku highlighted poverty, insecurity, and infrastructural decay as notable issues that remain unaddressed by the constitution.

Speaking to journalists at his residence in Obosi, situated in the Idemili North Local Government Area of Anambra State, Emeka Anyaoku made these remarks over the weekend.

Immediately after partaking in the ‘Ito Ogbo’ ceremony, a significant ritual marking the attainment of 80 years, the diplomat engaged in dialogue with journalists, sharing his insights.

He voiced his discontent regarding the escalating insecurity in the South East, as well as the disturbing trend of president-generals falling victim to assassinations orchestrated by hoodlums.

Anyaoku said the current constitution was a departure from the constitution that the nation’s founding fathers negotiated and agreed.

He said, “These challenges cannot be effectively addressed under the current constitution and governance system we have at the moment.

“We cannot effectively address these challenges – the challenges are nationwide, insecurity is nationwide. There is greater insecurity in the northern parts of the country than in the southern parts.

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“The constitution for a pluralistic state as Nigeria, we have to return to the principles of those, of the constitution agreed by our founding fathers.

“Until we do that, I am afraid that we can not effectively deal with the challenges that face the nation.”

Speaking about the Monday sit-at-home in the southeast region, the diplomat said that the exercise was doing great damage to the region’s economy.

He added, “The sit-at-home is doing great damage to the economy of the south-east, I do not support the idea, I think it is doing great damage to the economy. We have to deal with the root cause of the sit-at-home which is the continued detention of Nnamdi Kanu.

“Notwithstanding the fact that the court of law had ordered his release, that word gives those who advocate and participate in sit-at-home the reason for doing so.

“I think that the cause of the sit-at-home should be addressed, I do not think that the sit-at-home should be maintained, it should be stopped.”

Earlier, the Anambra State Governor, Prof. Chukwuma Soludo, while delivering his speech at the event, expressed his delight.

Soludo said, “This is my first time coming to Ito-Ogbo ceremony of Obosi. We want to celebrate, thank the Obosi people for giving Anambra, Nigeria and the world a celebration of longevity.

“Let the world learn how to celebrate with the living and not the dead, Obosi is one ward that is more than a local government. It deserves to be a local government.

“The celebration is part of the burial law in Anambra. It is better to slaughter a cow for the living than the dead. I urge the youths to decide to be 80 years and above, but killers, touts, among others will not live up to 80 years. Live a decent, responsible lifestyle to be able to live up to 80 years.”

Previously, Chidubem Iweka, the traditional ruler of Obosi, expressed appreciation for the governor’s attendance at the event, acknowledging his presence.

He characterized the festival as a deeply ingrained cultural tradition of the community, noting that approximately 200 individuals reaching the age of 80 were inducted into the esteemed Ogbuefi society.

“Those initiated have been exempted from all manners of taxations/levies and my prayer is that all who attended this ceremony will attain 80 years and above,” he prayed.

Paul Uwakwe, among those honored with the title of Ogbueshi, expressed gratitude to the divine for reaching the milestone of 80 years, while also invoking blessings for continued longevity.

The event’s centerpiece was the recognition of individuals who have excelled in various significant realms of human pursuit, notably including Mr. Isaac Nuhu, the Commander of the Special Anti-Cultism Squad in Obosi.

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